At Du-All Plumbers, we have seen leaking problems everywhere in the home. Leaving leaks to fix themselves will harm your property, eventually causing extreme and costly damage. Leak detection does not merely involve finding a puddle on the floor. Remember, leaks can start behind walls and in underground pipes, places you can’t see with the naked eye. Professional plumbing companies today use specialized equipment to detect these leaks before they become a major problem. There are several different methods used to detect a leak. Read about these popular methods below.


Acoustic Leak Detection
Acoustic leak detection techniques allow technicians to quickly and efficiently locate hidden leaks. The sound sensor used gives the expert the ability to hear leaks in underground, pressurized pipes that he would otherwise not be able to hear. Every leak has a source; when a technician uses the equipment, listening from hydrants, valves and meters, he can pinpoint the location of the leak as the sound reaches its loudest. A detailed summary report on the leak detector results can be used for asset performance reports.

Infrared Leak Detection
Infrared technology has made leaps and bounds since it was first invented in the 1980’s.  Today there are infrared cameras that fit in the palm of your hand. With this technology, technicians can detect leaks and wet spots in your home that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Infrared leak detection is non-invasive and, most importantly, quick and accurate.

Tracer Gas Detection
The technician injects gas into suspicious areas and seals the injection point with tape. The Tracer gas detector’s leak meter is fitted with a miniature sniffer to locate the route of the leakage. This method of leak detection is especially useful for finding micro leaks. Helium gas is used for applications with high sensitivity. During industrial applications, hydrogen gas is used.

Digital Camera Leak Detection
If your leak has already created a flood or the leak is suspected to be underwater, your technician will use the digital camera leak detection technique. The system flashes an ultra-bright LED light from the outside of your camera housing when a leak is detected.

Every leak is a problem to be dealt with immediately for any home or business owner. If you notice or suspect a leak, call the professionals at Du-All Plumbers. We use several methods of leak detection to quickly and efficiently find the source of the leak and put a stop to it. We also specialize in water damage remediation if your leak has damaged your home or business. Call us today at 800-481-4100