Some homeowners wonder if they should have their septic tanks serviced on a regular basis. The answer, of course, is yes! Forgotten septic tanks can cause serious problems for your home. Any septic system, no matter how advanced, will eventually fail without proper maintenance. Here’s what can happen if you never schedule a septic tank repair.

  • Plumbing Failure
    Septic tanks need to be drained on a regular basis. An experienced plumber can both drain the system and clean the sludge that blocks the septic tank drain field. Make sure to choose a septic tank professional that has experience with cleaning every part of the system.
  • Environmental Harms
    Damaged septic tanks do more than damage your home and pocketbook; a ruptured or backed-up septic system can also cause harm to the environment. A clogged drain field, for example, can cause septic fluids to leak onto nearby soils. As a result, local groundwater sources will be put at risk for contamination. You can make sure your natural environment stays pure by keeping your septic system under control.
  • Sale Problems
    The thought of an aging, worn septic tank is a deal breaker for most homebuyers. That’s why you should consider septic tank repair if you’re trying to sell your home. After all, septic tanks can rupture and leak if left alone for long periods of time. Show potential buyers you have maintained your home and your septic tank by having your tank serviced regularly.
  • Costly Repairs
    Having your septic tank pumped is an inexpensive and short repair, unlike a full septic tank repair. You can save thousands of dollars by simply scheduling appointments to have your septic tank pumped by a professional plumber on a regular basis.

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