Septic Tank Pumping

A septic tank in good order will filter and safely release sewerage without issue. A backed-up septic tank, however, can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. You can prevent serious issues with your septic tank by keeping an eye out for these signs and symptoms:

You Smell Pungent Odors
One of the most obvious signs of a backed-up septic tank is the smell of sewage. These smells are strong and offensive; they typically emanate from drain openings and quickly spread to fill a room. Contact a septic tank repair specialist if you detect sewage smells from your kitchen or bathroom sink. Catching a back-up problem early on prevents the chances of a full-blown problem down the road.

Your Tank’s Activity Has Increased
Your septic tank is designed to handle a certain volume of waste and water. This limit is determined upon installation and depends on the size of your family. Unfortunately, a few long-term house guests can quickly overload your septic tank and cause a problem. The same symptoms can occur if your family begins to become more wasteful with water. Consider having your septic system serviced if your monthly water bills jump sharply.

You Haven’t Had Maintenance Performed
Septic systems should be serviced on a regular basis to keep them in top shape. For example, make sure your septic tank is pumped at least once every three or four years. Failure to keep the tank empty will result in overflow and backup problems. If you haven’t scheduled a check-up in over a year, this is a sign you may need to have maintenance performed.

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