Nothing puts a stop to your daily routine like a nasty plumbing clog. These back-up scenarios are always inconvenient and can spring from numerous sources. Here are a few of the top causes of clogged drains in your home:

Household Products
Homeowners are constantly tempted to toss daily one-use items down the train or toilet. Unfortunately, these products can quickly contribute to a debilitating clog. Home plumbing is only designed to transfer water and flushed toilet paper—any other product is liable to catch inside the drain. Keep all tissues, special wipes, feminine hygiene items,  and cotton balls out of your drains. Diligence in monitoring what goes down the drain will help prevent clogs in your home.

Food Waste
Small food particles are equally likely to collect in pipes and cause a clog. In fact, several appliances can contribute to these drain clogs. Dishwashers and garbage disposals, for example, collect food particles regularly. The particles are washed down a drain during regular use and eventually become a huge threat to your home’s piping system. Clean out and toss away food build-up in your appliances regularly to minimize these types of clogs.

Deep Obstructions
Some drain clogs start far along the pipe. Intrusion from tree roots, for instance, typically happens at a significant distance from the home. The solid precipitate from hard water salts can also begin to collect in any location along your drain. Choose a plumbing company that offers video camera sewer line inspections if you suspect a severe clog.

The best way to deal with nasty clog is to call a trained professional. Count on Du-All Plumbers to take care of your household’s clogs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can be reached for emergency or routine maintenance at 800-481-4100.