A flood can quickly devastate your entire household or business location. Moisture can be even more destructive when you’re out of town or away from the building. A professional plumbing service should be called in if you experience flooding when you’re away.

  • Call a Professional
    A burst pipe or broken water heater will continue to leak water into your building until the problem is resolved. That’s why building owners should have a professional plumber on-call to respond to flooding emergencies. Full-service plumbers are even available 24 hours a day. If possible, leave an extra key to your building with a neighbor or trusted employee—make sure this person is prepped to hand the key over to a plumbing professional in case of an emergency.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company 
    It’s important to contact your insurance company as soon as you become aware of flood damage. A quick response ensures your claim will be handled without issue. In addition, the support of your insurance company will make it easier to organize financing for your plumbing repairs and remediation services.
  • Disconnect the Utilities
    Floods could quickly spread to your home’s most vulnerable features. Electrical wires and gas pipes don’t mix well with large bodies of water, especially when these utility installations are active. Protect your home by having your electricity and gas shut off quickly.
  • Visit with Care
    Your home may look very different after a flood. In addition, the flood damages may have left parts of your home in serious disrepair. Organize a safety kit and equipment if you plan to visit your home before a remediation specialist can restore the building. Use gloves, a hard hat, and a filtered face mask to keep your body safe from debris. You should also pack tools like a first aid kit and waterproof flashlights.

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