Although pleasing to the eye, the trees and shrubs planted near your house may be wreaking underground havoc on your home’s plumbing system. You may think that tree and shrub roots are no match for clay, concrete, or PVC pipes, but once roots reach your sewer lines, they can crack and obstruct the pipes. This will require repair or replacement by a professional plumber. Why are roots such a big threat to your sewer lines?

They can cause extensive damage to your sewer system. Many varieties of trees and shrubs need a lot of moisture and nutrients to grow. In order to get enough water, these plants will send out roots in search of moisture. Many trees are capable of sending their roots quite a long way for this quest. The roots can detect moisture from the cracks of your sewer system and will grow into the pipes at any point of entry. They can completely block the sewer lines with their hair-like root masses, which then gather grease and other debris that flow from the home to the main sewer line.

No type of sewer line is immune to roots. Clay pipes, the most common kind of pipe in older water and sewer systems, are the most susceptible to root damage. Roots will penetrate any crack, hole, or poorly sealed joint in a sewer line. Concrete and PVC pipes are less susceptible to root intrusion but are not root-proof. Once roots penetrate the line, they can exert considerable pressure on the pipe, which then must be repaired or replaced.

Root damage can cause extensive damage to your home itself. Once the sewer lines have been compromised, many problems can occur within the home. The water supply can be interrupted and floor drains and toilet can back up, potentially causing flooding or damage to appliances.

If you suspect your sewer line has been damaged by roots, call Du-All Plumbers at 888-800-2555. Our technicians can detect the location of the break and perform the necessary repairs.